Relationship with Others: Economic / Financial Abuse

I recently met a fine lawyer who has committed herself to empowering women, identifying domestic abuse situations, and working with domestic abuse victims to get them to a safe place in every sense.  This is a very little-talked-about phenomenon which is a lot more prevalent than a lot of us are willing to believe, hence my fascination at meeting someone who not only talks about domestic abuse, but actively works with victims.

During one of our many chats, my write-ups came up, and we agreed that a confluence exists between our respective disciplines: financial abuse.  As invisible as domestic abuse is, financial abuse (also referred to as economic abuse) is even more so.  We decided to collaborate with me as a guest writer on her blog.  The links to the two-part series we created are:


Got to be real:

Got to be real (Part 2):


Hopefully this gets the conversation started in our various circles about the subtlety of domestic abuse in its various forms, dissuade the myths that it only happens to certain types of people, enhance our capacity to identify its symptoms, and ability to initiate interventions for those who we think may need them.

Relationship with Self & Others: Gratitude | #‎7DaysOfGratitudeChallenge‬ | Day 4

The ‪#‎7DaysOfGratitudeChallenge is an internet-based “movement” that encourages us to take a moment each day for 7 days to identify and write 3 things we are grateful for.

I am grateful for protection from the elements:

  • Our residence, with a well constructed roof, windows, and doors, that keeps me, my family and guests safe, dry, and cool or warm depending on the weather.
  • My little feat of automotive engineering that gets me from place to place, and protects me and my passengers from the rain, heat, dust, exhaust fumes, etc.
  • Mr. B, who works very hard to enable us enjoy the above.