Relationship with Offspring – Kiddie Chronicles: “Foot Prince?”

Mstr EB has become quite the inquisitive commentator, as is the case with most 4-year-olds :-).  I had told him about how the marks made by his shoes after stepping into a puddle are called “footprints.” Now, we hear all about the footprints that he has made or were made by others!

A few days ago, he points to footprints Miss AB made, and goes:

Mstr EB: “See! AB’s ‘foot prince”

Me: “No…” (shaking my head to let him know what he said is not quite correct)

Mstr EB: “Erm…

I can see the wheels turning in his mind as he tries to solve the puzzle that seems to have presented itself… then I see the light bulb go off!

Mstr EB: “Mama, ‘foot princess?!’

Me: (with a huge smile on my face) “Well… not quite, but I definitely agree with your logic!’