Kiddie Chronicles: Dirty Sun

On our way to school recently, Miss AB had been arguing with her brother about whether or not the sun had woken up. It was one of those hazy harmattan mornings, and the sun did not have its typical warm yellow glow. Miss AB was insisting the sun was still asleep; her brother was screaming that it was wide awake. So, being the wise little madam that she is, she decided to consult the oracle 😉 :

Miss AB: “Mama, is the sun awake?”

Moi: “Yes, it is.”

Mstr EB: “I told you!”


Miss AB: “Where is the sun mama?”

Moi: “It’s over there” pointing in the direction


Miss AB: “Mama how can I get to the sun?”

Moi: “The sun is actually very far away… Why do you want to go to the sun?”

Miss AB: “I need to clean it, it is dirty.”

😮 😐

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